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The Original Plumber takes pride in putting YOU first! Not only do we strive for exceptional customer satisfaction, professional expertise, and dependable service, we encourage making customers feel as comfortable as possible! We believe that introducing our crew allows transparency between our company and your home. Everyone deserves the respect and peace of mind to know who will be in your home and on your property.

Connie Law

Connie Law

Customer Service

Born and raised in northern Georgia, Connie is our very own sweet southern peach! She’s the pleasant voice that is here for you when you have a plumbing problem. Got a time? Got a date? She’s got your schedule!

As a diligent, hard worker Connie loves being a busy bee where she can knock it all out. When you have a plumbing problem, give our office a call and you’ll hear for yourself her compassion and determination to take good care of you!

Jessica Hinson

Jessica Hinson

Customer Service

As a devoted mother that’s expecting one on the way, Jessica prides herself in being a hard worker both on and off the clock. Every day she brings to the office her competitive nature along with radiant positivity and determination.

Priding herself as an expert at connecting with people, Jessica loves feeling like she has truly helped someone. Her interactions with customers and the coworkers are from an intrinsic outgoingness that contagiously spreads to those around her.

Brooke Swofford

Brooke Swofford

After Hours Emergency Dispatch

As our weekend warrior, Brooke takes all the calls and leads over the weekend. Working part time, she will be manning the desk and dispatching our technicians to all the emergency calls.

Between two jobs and school, Brooke has a heart for animals and a niche for crafting. Kindhearted and detailed, Brooke gives extra care to all our customers. Be assured, whether you need assistance after hours, Brooke is your girl!

Brandon Ashley

Brandon Ashley


After speaking to our lovely CSRs, the next step in your plumbing journey is to be dispatched. This is when Bran will make contact to ensure you are home before a technician is headed your way. As the leader of the call board, Bran makes the best logical decision to route the technicians to your home! Based on location, our technicians are dispatched to your home.

Bringing innovation to the company, Bran specializes in technology. His passions include technological advancement, video film, music, and most of all animals. His compassion for animals precedes into his passion for people. Genuinely helpful and overall kind, Bran uses his skill for helping people and logic into the dispatch board. As the guide for the technicians, Bran is the key to getting our techs to your home!

Parker Woolsey

Parker Woolsey

Marketing Specialist

Eager and enthusiastic in his work, Parker brings a creative flair to the plumbing industry. As an avid biker and part time woodworker, Parker's creativity expands from the lens to his hands. He enjoys bringing to life a different aspect of visual representation for uprising businesses.

Working with the community, Parker actively researches innovate ways to promote great causes. His marketing specialty focuses on a connection between social media and various audience groups. If you see Parker at your home, you can ensure an upcoming Youtube special!

Catherine Keo

Catherine Keo

Marketing Director & Human Resources

Catherine’s passion is in creativity. As an enthusiast for art, she found an unconventional way to bridge the gap between seemingly mundane service and everyday homeowners. Using visual and verbal expression, she finds joy in connecting local businesses with everyday people. Connecting is the foundation in which Catherine operates both internally and externally to achieve the best customer satisfaction and needs of the company. 

After our office assigns a technician, one of the following OGP members will be arriving at the scheduled date and time to assess the situation and run a simple diagnostic. These technicians are all certified and highly trained in their field of expertise. Each of our technicians' sole goal is to assess, evaluate, and solve each individual circumstance to the best of their ability given the information, background, and parameters given. As promised, the following gives basic background information of our technicians hopefully giving you peace of mind as we are humbly entering your home.

Parker White, Plumber Apprentice

Parker White

Parker White, son to James White, comes from a family full of professional plumbers. His passion for extending his family name and trade as well as challenging himself gives him the drive to excel in his competitive internship. With his continuous education, Parker can apply the teachings of the plumbing industry onto everyday experiences. He is a passionate student and aspires to apply the knowledge he's acquired from his father in everyday plumbing needs.
James White - Expert Technician

James White

OGP Technician
A part of a Father-son duo, James White acquired 26 years of hands on experience and three generations of plumbing knowledge that sculpted him into an exemplary professional. Mechanically inclined in both automotive engineering and plumbing, James is an avid car enthusiast. His analytical and practical sense of "fix it and fix it right" goes hand in hand with his compassion as a former first responder in Cherokee County. Rearing his son as an upcoming 5th generation plumber, Parker White, James is well versed in diagnosing, fixing, and explaining various situations in the plumbing industry.

The Original Plumber takes consideration of preserving the traditions of the plumbing trade as well as grooming young tradesmen to become masters out on the field. With great supervision, teaching, and explanation, we train our new generation on etiquette and customer service alongside plumbing code and state mandated regulations.

Steven Serafin - OGP Technician

Steven Serafin

OGP Technician
As a retired Master Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corp, Steven spent a total of 20 years of his life on multiple tours including Afghanistan and Iraq. Proud to be a part of the Marine Force Recon division, Steven continues his civilian days as a loving husband and happy father of five. With 18 years of experience in the plumbing industry ranging in commercial, residential, as well as construction, he is qualified to specialize in all areas of the field yet prefers tankless water heaters as his favorite.

Chris Peschell - OGP Technician

Chris Peschell

OGP Technician
Patience, punctuality, and willingness to learn were the key things that drove Chris to excel. With his father as his inspiration and teaching him the fundamentals of hard work, it was his greatest accomplishment to also become a new father himself. In consideration to an upcoming apprentice, Chris’ advice suggests to always ask questions and never assume. His determination to constantly evolve in his profession allows Chris to quickly progress within the field. Detail oriented and patient, Chris enjoys the freedom of choosing his own schedule to spend more time with his son.

Adam Burton - OGP Technician

Adam Burton

OGP Technician
Adam lives his life in constant joy. With a positive attitude and skill to back it up, he considers the highlight of his job helping others. Charismatic and social, he is often seen as someone you’ve known all your life.

With 21 years of plumbing experience, there isn’t a job unfixable. Starting from a helper after high school to excelling at The Original Plumber, his experience also allows him the ability to train and educate upcoming apprentices. Carrying his joy wherever he goes, he finds the most fun playing baseball with his 12-year-old son.

Randall Jordan - OGP Technician

Randall Jordan

OGP Technician
Coming from a long line of plumbers, Randall had learned from a young age the world of being a handy man. Experiencing strange things in the line of work, Randall found the most unusual thing causing a blockage was a dead pet.

Having exposure to multiple scenarios through his father’s experiences, Randall expanded his insight through his own endeavors making very little he hasn’t seen. Keeping composure through the most unusual of experiences, Randall thinks quickly on his feet and is well versed in several areas of the plumbing industry.

Jeremy Thomas

Jeremy Thomas

OGP Technician
With 22 years under his belt, Jeremy has gone from the ground up in the plumbing industry. His level of expertise makes him a master of the trade. From auto mechanics to the plumbing industry, Jeremy is an overall mechanical person.

Working with his hands and solving problems Jeremy takes a passion for helping others and getting the job done! His easy going demeanor helps him explain the inner workings of your household plumbing and truly connect with his customers.

Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson

OGP Technician
Coming from the desert heat of Arizona, Ryan came to Georgia to enjoy the simple life. Up in the northern mountains, Ryan thrives in the peaceful tranquility of the nature surrounding him.

As a devoted father and husband, Ryan greatly values his family and community. With hard work, honesty and integrity as pillars of ethics, Ryan is passionate about putting value into his work. He finds joy in helping others as well as the community around him.

Shaun Noe

Shaun Noe

OGP Technician

Kindhearted and honest, Shaun is a hard worker. A devoted man to the people, Shaun always gives back to the community. As an Ohio State and Pittsburg Steeler Fan, Shaun is passionate about competitive sports. Shaun is very knowledgeable in the field of home construction.

He is well versed in the plumbing industry and overall, a humble and helpful technician. Anything that comes your way, Shaun is known for exemplary communication skills and proficient in finding the proper solution.

Jesse Thompson, Technician

Jesse Thompson

OGP Technician
As a 3rd generation plumber, Jesse values quality craftsmanship as a focal point of his life. Being taught traditional plumbing with traditional values, Jesse is passionate about the growth of the plumbing industry and the livelihood of working with a trade. In his community he aspires to one day be able to pass on his teachings to a new generation to prolong the longevity of plumbing tradesmanship.

As an avid motorcycle enthusiast, Jesse clears his mind with the freedom it brings riding down the open road. He values the lessons taught passed down from ancestry and looks onto the future while helping others along the way.

Brandon Burton

Brandon Burton

Founded by Brandon Burton, The Original Plumber was built on the premise of rectifying broken promises. His goal was to eliminate common issues within careless service providers. Brandon felt that prompt attendance, integrity, and professional expertise should be dispersed through an entire company no matter how large or successful. From his own experience, he was inspired to alleviate the accruing needs of everyday homeowners. He felt that an honorable company should respect a homeowner’s property, situation, and time. With this belief, he created The Original Plumber, a business that shares its priority from a company to home.

Now introducing our Sanitary Septic Solutions; these outstanding professionals have also added septic certifications onto their evolving expertise. Although still included with The Original Plumber, they are also identified as Sanitary Septic Solutions, our newly branded expansion offering full septic resources.

David O’Conner - OGP Technician, Sanitary Septic Solutions

David O’Conner

OGP Technician, Sanitary Septic Solutions

Serving the United States Army for four years, David now lives his life full of exuberance. Bursting with energy, the born and raised Georgia native determines his success on living in the moment. With a grand sense of humor and an aura of compassion, David considers himself a resourceful man that always carries a smile. His whimsical demeanor paired with dual skills in both plumbing and septic fully accommodates to all types of homeowners.

Austin Reed - OGP Technician, Sanitary Septic Solutions

Austin Reed

OGP Technician, Sanitary Septic Solutions
As an avid gamer, Austin challenges his mind in both the virtual world and the real world. Having a determination for understanding how things work, his mechanical mind craves challenges. Allowing himself a career that is reputable with hands on craftiness, he still indulges in the inner workings of IT. Embracing every day as an adventure, Austin takes helping homeowners to the next level with both plumbing and septic.

Andy Hardin - Technician, Sanitary Septic Solutions

Andy Hardin

OGP Technician, Sanitary Septic Solutions
Learning his work ethic from his grandfather, Andy has specialized in septic for 8 years. With a passion for fixing problems, he always advises newcomers to work slow and steady. In this field he has learned persistence and peace of mind will grow true success.

As a father to a beautiful daughter, he looks forward to retirement, but for now, he enjoys leading the expansion of septic and furthering our capability of helping homeowners across Georgia.

We humbly thank you for following, researching, and investing your time with us. 
Hoping to hear from you soon,
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The Original Plumber.

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